RANSON is a branding consultancy that delivers world-class thinking at the highest strategic level. By following a proven process, we help create exceptional brands.

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RANSON applied a very creative “out of the box” approach in understanding our business. They uncovered the key elements of our brand including a powerful Guiding Principle. With keen minds and an…
Tamer Nahas Managing Director, BOLDtalks BOLDtalks

Brand management stands at the junction of company and customer and must integrate the totally different perspectives of the two worlds.

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Are You in Control of Your Brand?

RANSON is a branding advisory firm specialising in creating and implementing integrated business solutions centred on delivering valuable brand and customer experience strategies. We are focused on creating value for organisations, strengthening the effectiveness of their brands across their product and service range, ultimately enhancing their bottom-line

RANSON, founded in 2010, is an independent brand advisory firm, dedicated to delivering world-class service. Together with our network of experts, we deliver brand strategy, customer strategy, design, naming, experiential design, organisational engagement and brand management to leading organisations including FTSE 100 listed companies, corporations, start-ups, NGOs and non-profit organisations.

Our clients include Shurooq (Sharjah Investment & Development Authority), Italian Hospitality Collection, DuBox, Carma, The Zubair Corporation, INMA, Duqm Refinery, Gulf Finance, Samsung, Medeor 24x7, Saudi Aramco, Johns Hopkins Medicine, Waha Capital, National Bank Of Oman, Muzn Islamic Banking, Mubadala Petroleum, Emirates Liquid Natural Gas, Mesirow Investment Management Partners and Mubadala Shared Services. 

Brands may start life in planning documents but ultimately they rest in the minds and hearts of people.

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Are You Maximising Your Potential?

Whether you are creating a new organisational brand, evolving an existing underperforming brand, or developing an approach to enter new markets, we have the skills and experience to help. We've solved branding challenges for companies across multiple sectors, so we've more than likely encountered your challenge before.

Some of the challenges we’ve helped clients with include:
  • How to strategically position a brand for market dominance
  • Disconnect between the brand promise and external perception
  • An outdated or meaningless brand value system
  • How to bridge the gap between internal and external perceptions of the business
  • Difficulty describing the organisation's core customer
  • Aligning how organisations talk about themselves and what they stand for
  • How to uncover the brand's clear point of difference
  • Rebranding or the evolution of a brand's position and vision
  • How to unify management teams behind a centralised brand platform
  • Merger and acquisition related branding challenges
  • Building and strengthening the brand portfolio to maximise growth
  • Disconnect between external messaging and the experience with customers & staff
  • Engaging employees to deliver the brand internally and externally
  • How to organise brands and a systematic way to make decisions
  • How to operationalise a brand a bring it to life across key touch points

People have been confidently differentiating between objects since they were first invited to make a choice between two identical arrowheads.

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Is Your Culture Your Brand?

At RANSON, it's our belief is that if you get the culture right, everything else like great customer service and passionate employees and customers happens naturally on its own. We believe that our company's culture and our company's brand are two sides of the same coin. Our culture is our brand. Our Promise is 'the right thinking, first time'.

RANSON is a branding consultancy that delivers world-class thinking at the highest strategic level. By following a proven process, we help create exceptional brands.

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Where Does One Begin?

Brand Strategy

Brand auditing
Brand positioning
Brand portfolio strategy
Brand architecture

Customer Strategy

Customer segmentation and analysis
Value proposition development
Channel strategy
Marketing strategy


Brandmark development
Visual language development
Brand tonality
Sensory branding
Brand messaging
Digital and interactive design
Brand guidelines


Corporate and product names
Tagline development
Nomenclature systems

Experiential Design

Customer journey mapping
Product design
Event design
Omnichannel journeys
Brand environments

Organisational Engagement

Leadership engagement
Employee engagement

Brand Management

Brand governance
Brand tracking and analytics
Brand training
Board-level advisory

A tiny change today brings a dramatically different tomorrow.

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Have You Engaged Professional Expertise?

RANSON is a consultancy that specialises in the creation, building and management of brands. We are experienced in everything from brand positioning, brand strategy, and customer journey mapping to naming, brand architecture and internal learning and development. If you are seeking to build a brand that reaches into large markets or competitive fields, the expertise we bring to bear can be worth the expense many times over.

The way you present yourself, your business, product or service creates an impression, and that impression is your brand. It’s the personification of your business and it has an impact on your success. Where an organisation is selling to multiple personalities, it’s vital to connect everyone on common ground. The goal should be to stimulate engaging conversations that allow customers; albeit current or future; to strengthen their perceptions of the brand in question, whilst conveying consistency, clarity and truth.

Our consultancy services include positioning strategy, portfolio strategy, brand architecture strategy, brand strategy, brand naming, brand valuation and customer segmentation and tracking. 

In a world predisposed to sameness, there are few things in life more satisfying than building brands that disrupt predisposition.

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Are Your People Loyal to Your Brand?

RANSON's internal branding programmes will enable your people to engage with the organisation's strategy, motivating them to become stewards of the brand. Remember, each employee is an ambassador representing the brand to colleagues, customers, supplier and stakeholders.

The definition of brand has become a customer experience based concept. Therefore, it is not surprising that businesses are looking for ways to ensure that the brand experience is delivered in a way that stays true to the brand promise. But staying true to the brand promise is easier said than done. Senior management typically develops brand strategy while the actual brand experience is most often delivered by the least-informed and lowest-paid service associates. Also, to further complicate matters, these front line associates are often part-time. Best practices in internal branding can build that crucial bridge between strategy and execution.

Our consulting services include senior management leadership workshops, brand champion workshops, employee experience workshops, internal communication workshops, front-line customer experience workshops and brand-into-action workshops.

Our Clients

  • UAE Federal Tax Authority

  • Saudi Arabian Industrial Investments Company (SAIIC)

  • Invest in Sharjah

  • Al Ghurair

  • Waha Capital

  • Mubadala Development Company

  • News Group International

  • The UAE Prime Ministers Office

  • Mubadala Petroleum

  • The Zubair Corporation

  • Italian Hospitality Collection

  • Saudi Aramco

  • Meydan Hotels & Resorts

  • The British Government

  • UK Trade & Investment

  • Sharjah Investment & Development Authority (Shurooq)

  • The City UK

  • Emirates Liquid Natural Gas

  • Duqm Refinery


Our Clients

  • RANSON applied a very creative “out of the box” approach in understanding our business. They uncovered the key elements of our brand including a powerful Guiding Principle. With keen minds and an instinctive aptitude for strategy, I strongly recommend anyone considering branding to begin with RANSON.
    Tamer Nahas Managing Director, BOLDtalks BOLDtalks
  • We approached RANSON with a difficult scenario and complex stakeholder engagement matrix. They simplified the process, identified the issues and presented a solution. As true champions of brand strategy, they are a must for any client looking to establish themselves as a brand leader.
    Angelena Lee Director, The City UK The City UK

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